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Join me on Patreon

On my Patreon I share the very latest news on my books, along with writing updates and insights, and all those delectable little secrets behind the creation of your favourite characters and worlds. I love sharing these behind-the-scenes snippets, and I'm delighted to have a platform to do that more regularly.


For writers, I've created a tier for special access to a newsletter focusing on writing tips, query advice, and all things publishing-related. Finding your writing voice and breaking into publishing are both immensely challenging and mystifying tasks, and I'm so happy to share what I've learned over penning 16 novels, acquiring my incredible agent, and selling four+ books to a traditional publisher. 



Support via Patreon

While being an author brings me incredible joy, as a career, it's difficult to sustain. There is no minimum wage here, no health benefits or even a regular paycheck. That means that, even with a second job, this is a career that some weeks I pay to have, instead of it paying me.


This is where my Patreon comes in. You can help bridge the gap for me and keep me writing, and in the process gain access to as much exclusive content as I can get you! 

Thank you so much for reading, and double thank you to anyone who decides to embark on this journey with me. You're what makes this author life worth it!

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