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Endorsements and Blurbs:

While it is usually my honour to read upcoming titles for possible endorsement, I am currently closed to ALL blurb and endorsement requests

Rights and Permissions:

For any inquiries regarding various rights and foreign translations, please reach out to my agent Naomi Davis.

Publicity and Engagements:

I take on very limited engagements and interviews. If you have something in mind, please reach out to the publicity team at Titan Books, or my agent Naomi Davis.


However, please note:

-I never provide free content such as essays or articles.

-I currently am unavailable for conferences or in-person events

Obtaining copies of my books for review purposes:

If you would like a complimentary copy of one of my books to review, do not use this form. Please follow established avenues: Netgalley, Edelweiss, or by reaching out directly to my publisher, Titan Books. 

Have a question or comment?

Before submitting a question or comment directly to any author, consider the following:

-Is this a question that can be answered through my own research?

-Is there a FAQ I can reference? (There is, and you can find it here.)

-Is this question or comment appropriate to send to a complete stranger?

-Does my question or comment violate any stated guidelines?

Please respect authors both as busy professionals and as fellow human beings when considering whether or not to reach out with a question or comment. 


The submission form has been closed.

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