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I'm an author because I'm a reader, and I love to chat about my recent reads and favourite books over on my TikTok. If you are a publisher or an author and would like to send me a book for possible review, you can contact me through the form below.

I focus exclusively on adult science-fiction and fantasy, and as a general rule do not enjoy anything romance-heavy or with focuses on sexuality. I do not read contemporary or urban fantasy, and do not enjoy horror or deep grimdark. 


If you'd like to know more about my taste in books before reaching out, please see my list of favourite books under FAQ, and take a look at my channel. 

Please note:


If you would like to inquire about sending a book for possible review, include all relevant information in your initial message (title, author, publisher, pub date, word count and synopsis).

I am currently closed to paid partnerships of any kind.


I cannot guarantee every book sent to me will be read and reviewed. I only read and feature books I enjoy, and I DNF freely. Please keep this in mind when contemplating whether or not I am a good fit for a book.

Endorsements and Blurbs:

It's my honour to read upcoming titles for possible endorsement. Publishers and authors are always welcome to reach out through the contact form.

Publicity and Engagements:

I take on very limited engagements and interviews. If you have something in mind, please reach out through the form.

Requests of any nature sent through unsolicited DMs and comments on social media (unless we are mutuals) will be discarded without opening. 


Thanks for submitting!